Valerie Tarico, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Author, Speaker
Trusting Doubt (former title: The Dark Side) 
Most Evangelicals earnestly strive to worship the God of Love. Yet a belief that the Bible is literally perfect can put them in the odd position of defending falsehood, bigotry or even violence. What do literalists teach? How are these teachings distorted? How do they contradict humanity's shared moral core, including the highest values of Christianity itself?

In Trusting Doubt, Valerie Tarico examines the moral and rational contradictions that caused her fundamentalist worldview to crumble. In their place, she offers perspectives that are compatible with love and logic.

Dr. Tarico’s faith lead her to Wheaton College of Billy Graham fame. There, secure in the confidence that "all truth is God's truth," she committed to follow her questions wherever they might lead. Ultimately they led her out of fundamentalism and into a deeper understanding of goodness and truth.
"Dr. Tarico's message is unique and exquisite. It is deeply rooted in a heart-felt and experiential understanding of extremism. Her words flow not from 'borrowed certainty' but from 'inner certainty.' Her insights are delightfully fragrant with wisdom, compassion and hope. Regardless of your belief system, her words will splash in your chest!"
Jamal Rahman
Muslim Sufi Minister,
Interfaith Community Church, Seattle, WA

"The Dark Side [Trusting Doubt] is an astounding and insightful expose of today’s Evangelical phenomenon. In it, Valerie Tarico expertly examines the roots of the movement along with its contradictions and inconsistencies. The book is not only a compelling academic work, however, but also a riveting narrative as it weaves the author’s own fascinating story of spiritual and intellectual struggle throughout its pages. Tarico’s unique combination of impressive scholarship and beautiful prose makes this one of the finest books I have ever read on the topic of today’s Religious Right. It is a 'must read' for anyone wanting to understand the movement."
Carlene Cross
Author of Fleeing Fundamentalism: A Minister’s Wife Examines Faith

"Dr. Valerie Tarico brings a unique and personal perspective to discussions of religious fundamentalism. While identifying the perils of religious zealotry and bigotry, she does not denounce those who adhere to fundamentalist views. Rather, she explains why they may be seduced by such beliefs, even as she shows why such beliefs are not in accord with the principles that Jesus Christ or other major religious figures put first.”
Dave Miller
Leader, “Issues in American Democracy”
Issaquah, WA

"In her book, [Trusting Doubt], Valerie Tarico has been not just candid but often devastatingly honest in bursting cherished illusions of literalist Christianity. In sharing the journey of her soul, her well-reasoned comments open doors, bringing fresh air and new light to our spiritual quests."
Margaret Starbird, Author of
The Woman with the Alabaster Jar &
Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile

“Ours is a world often filled with conflict; conflicting news, conflicting interests, conflicting faiths. Sometimes, in the midst of conflict, certain voices ring true and bring us to a clearer method of conflict resolution. Such is the voice of Dr. Valerie Tarico. Her approach, while straight forward, is also very gentle. With skilled hands, she guides the reader and listener through her own personal maze of prior tangled beliefs and then examines the cognitive complexes required to maintain tangible beliefs about the intangible. This is not an easy task but it is one she masterfully conquers in both her written works and her public appearances.”
Mark Mythos, Radio Host
“The Freethought Zone”