Valerie Tarico, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Author, Speaker
Lectures and workshops by Valerie Tarico are grouped into three stages of life: elementary school, early college, and adulthood.  Each lecture provides information and tools for people who want to foster moral understanding and develpment at that particular stage.

To schedule a lecture or for more information, simply call or email.

College & University  Civic Life

Audience: Academic courses in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies Departments; Student Associations, Campus Ministries, Lecture Series and Salons, Civic Organizations, Civil Rights Advocates, Book Clubs, Inquiring Congregations, Youth Groups
  • Our Shared Moral Core: Where do the world's great wisdom traditions converge? How does your own tradition fit in?
  • Mission Tree: What are your deepest values? How can you tap them to guide your life trajectory and every day decisions?
  • Memes: Viral ideas and how they spread
  • The Evangelical Movement: What is it? How should the rest of us respond?
  • If You Can't Change Your Mind: Doubt as a moral virtue in the Judeo-Christian tradition
  • The Appeal of Cults and Fundamentalism: Why people get in, how they get out
  • Ultimate Frisbee, Rock climbing and "Drinking the Kool-aid:" When nice, fun people have a plan for your soul
  • Battle Cry: Militarism in Christian youth outreach and media
  • Christian Fundamentalism: A crash course for progressives

Launching, College Transition

Audience: Parent Orientations, Workshops for Parents of High School Seniors, College Student Service Professionals
  • When Cults Come Calling: Preparing young adults for "friendship missions" on college campuses.
  • Battle Cry: Militarism in Christian youth outreach. Where does it come from? How worried should we be?

Elementary and High School

Target Audience: Parents, Counselors, Parent Teacher Student Associations
  • Dumbo's Magic Feather: Helping children discover inborn their moral wisdom and strength
  • Giving Children Giving Skills: Providing the tools to foster and guide a child's generous impulses
  • Life's Longing for Itself: Understanding moral emotions and reasoning as a series of developmental stages
  • Between Hollywood and Mars Hill: Raising wise children in an age of personality cults and fundamentalism